Indoor Sensors

PIRs or Passive Infra Red sensors are the “eyes” of your alarm system and what they can or cannot “see” is what makes them work.

How do motion detectors work?

There are two types of motion detectors – Passive Infra Red (PIR) and microwave.

Passive Infra Red detectors monitor the infrared radiation emitted by all objects within their field of view. A PIR detector will alert your security system when it detects movement of a source of infrared radiation against background radiation levels.

Crow Swan – Quad PIR with PET immunity up to 25 kg

The SWAN QUAD detector uses a special designed optical Lens with unique Quad (Four element) PIR Sensor and ASIC based electronics optimized to eliminate false alarms, caused by small animals and Pets. This most cost effective detector offers an exceptional level of detection capability and stability for every security installation.

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DG75 – High-Security Digital Motion Detector with

Pet Immunity for pets up to 40kg

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Directional Ceiling-Mounted Digital Motion Detector

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Microwave detectors transmit an electromagnetic signal and compare the reflected signal from all objects in their field of view. A moving object is identified using the Doppler effect comparing transmitted and reflected signals. If the signal matches preset detection criteria an alarm is triggered

PRESTIGE CW – microwave & PIR detector

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