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Blessed Festive Season 2018

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Sandown Bay Security whishes all our loyal and treasured clients a Prosperous and Blessed Festive season.
Please take notice of the safety tips and report any incidents of crime to SAPS.

Due to the load shedding a lot of premature battery failures were encountered and we replaced more than 130 batteries in a 2 week period, a lot of control units were also damaged, so please make sure your alarm system gets serviced at least once a year.
We also urge you to visit our office at 44 Main rd to make sure your contact details is up to date and arrange for your system to be transfered from Safe if not done yet.





Safey Tips

Report any suspicious people or activities to the police @ 028 271 8200/02. As in the case with any other place in our country, our town is not free of crime. It is mostly opportunistic in nature (criminals sees an opportunity, grab and run)

  • Do not leave valuable articles in your car or make sure it is not visible
  • Lock security gates when you are at home
  • Lock gates and doors, secure windows and close curtais or blinds when you are not in a room
  • Do not leave or charge electronic equipment near windows or doors (especially when they are open)
  • Activate the alarm when all are sleeping at night
  • Make sure all windows and doors are secured and locked.
  • Make sure that you have the number for the control room and please call immediately should you have a false alarm, a call-out fee will be charged if it was found that you were negligent and did not cancell the call-out.
  • Make sure security gates, doors and windows are secured and you activate the alarm system when you leave the house – even for a short while.
  • Do NOT help any beggars, strangers and especially groups of children at the door. Do NOT allow them into the house.
  • Do NOT accept any help at an ATM, criminals want your money and often target visitors, there has been an increased number of ATM scam reports in Kleinmond. Especially after hours.
  • Do NOT walk alone, especially on the coastal paths
  • We have a problem with baboons in our area, make sure they cannot enter your house, put refuge bags out on the day of collection and DO NOT feed them.
  • The strong currents in the sea can be very dangerous. Stick to the area demarcated by the lifesavers NSRI 0834194557
Videofied Presentation April 2016


We are proud to announce that we are agents for the VIDEOFIED alarm/video verification system.
using the latest technology in alarm / video verification we are now able to receive a 10 second video clip of the reason for the alarm activation and thereby verifying whether it is a real alarm or a false alarm triggered by animals or foilage and the type of response to the premesis can then be prioritised accordingly.
The system can be incorporated into your current alarm system or it can be an independant system. No wi-fi or internet connection is needed as it uses the cellphone networks.
please contact us for more details or free estimate.

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Key control

We stil have a huge problem with the control of clients keys. Keys being kept by us is for emergencies only and if for some reason it must be issued to 3rd parties, the owner must give us such notice in advance and during office hours, it is not our responsibility to phone you if agents, contractors, cleaners, friends or family want to collect it. An cal-out fee will be charged if we must open or close premesis for any person.

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