Go on holiday with peace of mind following these easy three steps

Go on holiday with peace of mind following these easy three steps

Before you spend your time and money on holiday activities remember to plan for a safe and secure time away.

While going on holiday brings joy and excitement, criminal activities also rise and hospital casualty wards are busier. But you can enjoy a relaxing time away from home by following our most effective tips for holiday safety and security in these three easy steps:

STEP 1 : 3 to 4 weeks before going away

  • Test your security system (alarms, electric fence, gate motor back up battery, panic buttons, etc).
  • Ensure that your security company receives every signal and test signals at least 5 minutes apart.
  • Top up your airtime on your security system’s SMS modules.
  • Check alarm backup batteries and replace if necessary.
  • Repair electric fence strands – ensure there are no branches and trees within half a meter from any wire.
  • Ensure that your CCTV system is operational and that the hard drive is working as expected.
  • Ensure that your access control is fully functional with emergency overrides tested.
  • Change your gate keypad or access codes now as every response officer who ever entered your premises still has that code.
  • Check all motion lights, repair, change bulbs where needed and test timers on lights.
  • Now is the time to replace all the padlocks that you have been planning to do.
  • Check water pipes and repair any leaks that may be dripping.

STEP 2 : 1 week before going away

  • Cut back the foliage on your electric fence if you haven’t done so already.
  • Alert your security company and/or community patrol that you’re going away.
  • Ask your neighbour to collect your mail and be aware of any suspicious activity.
  • Turn the ringer off on your landline so that no one can hear it going unanswered.
  • Turn off your intercom’s bell so that anyone ringing it will feel unsure about whether you’re home or not.
  • Don’t advertise to the world that you’re going away, especially on social media.
  • Have your car checked before leaving on a long road trip.

STEP 3 : While on holiday

  • Check in with your security company at least twice a week to make sure all is well on the home front. This also serves to remind your security company that you’re expecting good service from them.
  • Relax while you’re on holiday but do continue to be cautious as criminals target holiday makers who let their guard down.
  • Wear sunblock when outdoors and make sure you have water with you at all times.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Observe the rules of the road – most accidents tend to occur during the holiday season.

Adhere to these simple tips and you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind when you’re on vacation with your family. After all, the holiday season should be a time of relaxation and bonding with the people you love at your favourite getaway.

Here’s to a magic holiday!

Rather than a catastrophic one

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